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Roundtable: Division One Performance Nutrition Teams Discuss Their Top Concerns

January 18, 2022

NSF and a team of Big 10 sports dietitians join Nutritional Outlook to discuss the top concerns when fueling elite athletes.

An athlete holding a football at the stadium - How to Meet Elite Athletes’ Nutritional Needs

Elite college athletes face extreme pressures ranging from academics to social and economic status to, above all, athletic performance. A panel of expert dietitians discusses topics including:

  • The nutritional needs of elite athletes — what do they want to eat versus what do they need to eat?
  • The challenges of creating successful nutrition regimens for the busy lives of college athletes
  • What role dietary supplements and functional foods play in the success of these regimens
  • Brands approaching athletes with sponsorship opportunities, and navigating that space with the athlete to keep them safe from potentially harmful products

Key Learning Objectives:

  • What type of supplements/functional foods are elite athletes looking to consume?
  • How can your brand improve products to meet the needs of these elite athletes?
  • What are performance nutritionists/dietitians looking for in products to feel safe providing them to athletes?

Who will find this information valuable?

  • Supplement and functional food brand manufacturers and ingredient suppliers